This playbook is designed for two main purposes:

  1. To help those who are working with NouLAB on innovation processes.

  2. To share with the lab community how NouLAB approaches our work.

There can be no substitute for experience and having well-practiced facilitators will make all the difference to running processes. We at NouLAB operate with a learning mindset and understand adjustments and fluidity are essential to all facilitated processes. Keeping this spirit in mind will allow users of this guide to learn from their experiences and adjust as needed.

This guide can be used in conjunction with NouLAB’s 5 day sprint template. Together these tools can guide you through a process is used and has been tested by the NouLAB team.

The first draft of this guide was written by Rosamund Mosse, Lab Manager, NouLAB (now with evokebydesign), and assembled on Gitbook by Lewis Muirhead, Knowledge Manager at NouLAB. Multiple iterations are ongoing in the spirt of MVPs and SFDs.

Extra thanks to Rosamund Mosse for many of the drawings featured throughout.

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