NouLAB uses Mentimeter, an online software, to do daily capture of participant experience. Questions are built to engage the audience at first. It is a platform that allows you to project the question on a screen and then participants can go on their phones or laptops and enter a corresponding code and the questions will show up on their screens. This method allows very efficient and engaging evaluation.

Aim for 100% audience participation. This many require providing phones or laptops to participants who are unable to get online through their own devices.

Set the pace to audience so that they can move on to the next question as they answer.

As answers come through the system, they are immediately projected so that all participants can see what everyone else answered, so you need to be prepared good or bad. As a facilitator, you can move through the question on the projector and address the audience with responses to their answers. This is optional.

Questions used to test that the system is working and to engage the crowd (choose one):

  • What is the cutest thing you have ever seen?

  • What is your favourite season?

  • What fruit or vegetable do you feel like?

  • We're at Friday, how do you feel?

    • In need of cat therapy

    • Ready to do this all over again

    • Need to hibernate till March

Questions used to evaluate the mood of the day:

  • What is one word that describes today?

Questions used to get more granular data on how the day went (choose one):

  • What was the most useful part of today?

  • What the least valuable part of today?

  • Highlight of the day?

This last question is set as private so that there can be 100% honesty:

  • Anything else you would like to let us know?

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