Take a Stand - Spectrum

Take a Stand: Spectrum

Purpose: This is a really great way to gauge the levels of interest/engagement/equity/belonging/etc. in the room. It can be easier for participants to communicate satisfaction/dissatisfaction physically than verbally, and this exercise tends to democratise participants’ inputs.

Materials: A large enough space for participants to be able to form a line between two points.

Time: 15-20 minutes

Step 1: Explain to participants that we are going to engage in an exercise where they will physically stand in a spot on an imaginary spectrum between two fixed points. Identify the two fixed points (at different ends of the room/space), often a pole or even people serve best as the fixed points. Make sure everyone can see the points (if using a person, it can be helpful if they stand on a chair).

Step 2: Explain that you will be asking a series of questions or making a series of statements, and that the more that more that you would answer in the affirmative or the more that you agree with the statement, the closer you should stand to point X. The more that you would answer in the negative, or the more you disagree with a statement, the closer you should stand to point Y. You can attribute numbers to points X and Y if it helps (0-10 e.g.).

Step 3: Ask the series of questions, one at a time. Questions should be crafted depending on the group and what you want to know, what you feel the group might need to address. Some sample questions might be:

    • How well are we communicating as a group? as a team?

0 is not communicating at all. 10 is perfectly open and clear communication.

    • I feel seen and heard by the group? the rest of my team?

0 is very negative. 10 is very positive.

    • Are we working effectively together?

0 is not at all. 10 is yes absolutely.

    • I feel ownership of the prototype/process.

0 is not at all. 10 is yes absolutely.

    • I am getting something out of this process.

0 is nothing at all. 10 is it’s a fruitful, rich experience.

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