Team Check-outs

Group check-out

Purpose: Have teams share how they are feeling about a process in order to uncover any assumptions, move towards creating a shared vision, get people on the same page, or set them up for another day of work.

Materials: Space for teams to gather in groups. The check-out question written on a piece of flip-chart paper.

Time: 30 minutes

Step one: Invite participants to gather into their teams. Give them a check-out question. It could be along the lines of

What was an “aha” moment from today/this workshop? What have you learned about yourself? Your team? What do you need in order to work well tomorrow?

Step two: If harvesting, have participants share back insights or patterns they see (on post-its), or even create a newspaper headline from the team’s insights. This could be captured on the mural if useful.

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